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Fusioninventory for GLPI (ex Tracker)

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GLPI version(s)
  • 0.85.x
  • 0.84.x
State : stable
David DURIEUX and FusionInventory team
Licence : agplv3+
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FusionInventory is a free and open source project providing hardware, software inventory, software deployment and network discovery to the IT asset management and helpdesk software called GLPI. "FusionInventory for GLPI" is a collection of plugins communicating with some agents (FusionInventory-Agent), deployed on computers

- FusionInventory Core: provides core functionnalities:

  1. Communication with inventory and network discovery agents
  2. Tasks management and scheduling
  3. Wake on LAN
  4. Centralized rules for assets import in GLPI
  5. Unknown devices management (temporary zone, in GLPI, before real asset management)

- FusionInventory Inventory:

  • Local inventory for computers (hardware, software, antivirus)
  • Handle and update computers already in GLPI.
  • - FusionInventory SNMP:

    1. Network discovery, unknown devices management (using FusionInventory core plugin)
    2. Remote network devices and printers (thanks to the SNMP protocol)
    3. Get network port informations, VLANs, link between switchs network ports and assets already in GLPI (computers, network printers, network devices, etc.)
    4. Change history and reports for each network port
    5. Printers cartridges’ ink levels, daily page counters and reports.

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